How To Take A Break As An Entrepreneur

Taking a holiday hasn't always been hard for me. I remember being at School excited for the upcoming summer holidays. Seven weeks of complete bliss… Now that I’m my own boss, I want to see that my work gets done properly - make sure that I’m gathering a healthy amount of percentile momentum every month. Making sure that I’m actually growing my business and not just being stagnant. After talking with many creative entrepreneurs I’ve realised that we are the least likely people to take a break of any kind! Most of us feel the urge to even work on the weekend, which I have discovered since being married is destructive to you, your business and the relationships you have in your life. 


You Will Have A Break…

You may think that I’m sounding arrogant saying “you will have a break” but it’s true. No matter who you are or what you do, you will one day have to have a break. By “having a break” I mean: 

  1. Having a holiday
  2. Getting away for a bit
  3. Not working weekends

When I first started working in the creative industry a few years ago, I realised that it’s a lot harder than what people think it is to actually take a break from “work”. This is because a lot of what we do is momentum based, we need to be consistently bringing content to the internet to show potential clients in this competitive marketplace that we’re better than our rivals. This is what leads us to keep working till we’re… basically broken. 

The main point I’m trying to get is this: If you don’t take a break, you will be broken. 

I’m blessed to have a father who is a GP (Dr) who is the most intelligent person I know. Although you don’t know to be that intelligent to know that if you don’t relax from your job and take a break, you will burnout. This is something that I’ve seen in myself a lot without even knowing. Burnout is defined as this: ‘physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.’

Burnout is serious and it has serious effects on you as a creative business. It will rob you of your best creative ideas and thoughts, and will leave you broken and disorientated in your state of work. The moral of this is that if you don’t take a break from your work regularly and consistently you’ll end up being made to take a break despite your choice. You brain will give up and you’ll be unable to work at all. Taking a break is something that you have to do! 


How To Take A Break

This might seem patronising, but believe me it’s not! This topic isn’t talked about enough! Really, the only way to take a break from work is by doing something recreational with someone else you enjoy doing it with. The great thing about being married is that you have to do this weekly (or you should be). Every week I’m not allowed to work on a Saturday - no matter what. This means that I’m not allowed to take “work calls” even if I know that if I don’t take the the call I could lose out big time in something I’m wanting to work in. Obviously there are exceptions to this: if Nike or some other huge organisation called me wanting me to design their new logo… like that would ever happen… but you get what I mean! 

Your weekends should be kept sacred, a time for you to recover from the stresses of the week, even if you enjoy it! Enjoying your work doesn’t mean that you don’t need a break. This is something that I had to learn quickly. For a year I thought that it was okay to work on my holiday - but because I worked too much, I realised that my “creative juices” weren’t flowing and I was getting too confused at the simplest of tasks I was commissioned to do. This is burnout. 


Take A Break!

Now that I’ve told everything about taking a break, go and take one! I don’t mean a twenty minute break during your working day, I mean go on holiday somewhere with people you enjoy being around with! Go somewhere new and do something you’ve never done before. You’ll soon realise what you’ve been missing out on! When you go back to work, you’ll see that you’ll feel fresh bursting with exciting anticipation!


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