4 Ways To Find Inspiration!

 Finding inspiration has never been as easy. Now we are as far as a couple clicks, or a touch of a screen to find something that will inspire us.

 This post isn’t going to give you any breakthrough ideas to find inspiration that you haven’t thought of before. It’s going to outline how I personally find inspiration on, and off the internet to achieve what I do on a daily basis.

This is the shownotes to one of my videos, so feel free to give it a watch!


Pinterest is one of the best places to find inspiration for your designs.

I see Pinterest as a massive mood board where you can put all your design styles into different boards, to find inspiration when you need them.

Whether you’re working on a logo design or business card, go to Pinterest and type in your key words like, vintage hand lettering and you’ll find some amazing posts that will inspire you!



Instagram is a really obvious place to find design inspiration, but there’s some awesome hacks you can utilise to make sure you get the most out of it.


Post Notifications On Your Favourite

If you’re like me and you’re fascinated by some of the best logo designers and hand lettering artists, then you can follow them more closely on Instagram.

When you turn on post notifications, you’re able to see the work they’ve just posted straight away!


Only Like The Inspirational Posts

When I like posts on Instagram, it’s not because I like them I’m pressing thelike button, I’m liking the post so I can come back to it later for inspiration.

When you’re in your Instagram settings you can check the posts you’ve liked. It’s much easier than taking a screenshot.



If you’re looking for a specific hand lettering or calligraphy style, then just use a hashtag to find your inspiration. You’ll then be able to like the posts and come back to them later.



Books are an amazing way to find inspiration. The best book I’ve found for logo design inspiration in this current time period (trend) is Los Logos.

There are so many books you can buy on design, I would check out this book though because it’s the most filled book full of inspirational goodness for hand lettering artists and logos designers.


Old Vintage Stores

In my town we have a Vintage Fair every year and I love it! It’s a time where I can buy old vintage items that everyday people wouldn’t buy just so I can get physical inspiration.

I’m a huge fan of old vintage / retro lettering, so seeing old book covers or tobacco tins with amazing type is really my thing.

Find a vintage fair local to you, and I’ll guarantee you’ll find some priceless inspiration for you work. Even if it’s some inspiring to you now, in the future you’ll most likely find that it helps you come up with new ideas for different projects!

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