Be Motivated And Get More Work Done!

Motivation is something that we all experience, whether you’re motivated to join the gym at the start of the new year, or whether you’re motivated to hit a YouTube milestone, or just to do something simple but difficult such as tidying your room or organising your workspace. We all experience motivation! But what happens when we lack the motivation to do something we want to do? How to get that motivation to kick-start us into doing something amazing?

If you know me, I class myself as a self-motivated person. During school, I rarely was motivated to finish any of my work, do P.E. or start my homework. I can’t remember a time in school where I felt truly motivated to do anything that didn’t interest me. You may feel the opposite of this or this may affirm to you that you’re not the only one who experienced this in school. When I left and started my career in the design industry, I think I surprised myself and the people around me - I was suddenly self motivated!

Motivation is defined in short as this:

“A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.”

Why do we sometimes not feel motivated? What can we do this year to ensure that we become not only motivated but self motivated!



Everyone will have a different passion from another. Your passion dictates where your vision is. I have different passions, they all weigh heavy on me because I have a sense of urgency to fulfil these passions. One of them is to see people saved by Jesus and live a life in relationship with Him. This is my main passion. My second passion is what I call my work passion - to continually get better at what I do.

I have a passion for logo design and hand lettering, I love to draw and make things look beautiful. I haven’t always felt this way, but over these past 6 years my passion for lettering and logo design branding has increased a huge amount.

You see, when you’re passionate about something, that’s what will motivate you. When I was in school I was more passionate about playing Call Of Duty than doing long division. So I would be motivated to play the game, even though I knew that I might not be that good at the game. The same principle is applied for everything you do.

Your Passion Will Bring Motivation - Self Motivation.



If you’re constantly finding yourself without motivation when in fact you actually want to be motivated it’s probably because of your lifestyle. No one is perfect and I’m certainly not. Over the years I’ve learnt that when I have a healthy lifestyle I become more motivated.

The biggest factor for my self motivation is my sleep. If I’m not motivated during the day even though I’ve got so many projects to complete it’s definitely because I haven’t had enough sleep. Sleep is so much more important than what people think. If your mind and body isn’t rested then you’re obviously not going to be at the top of your game the next day.

Have you ever found that when it's late and you're going to bed, you get more creative? You’re about to dream! I find that when I’m about to sleep I’ll come up with my best concepts and ideas because my brain is recharging. Sleep will always help you focus and stay motivated the next day.

If it’s not sleep, then it’s probably your diet or lack of exercise that will be your downfall. I’m saying this not because I’m pointing out flaws, but because normally most people will have a problem in one of these areas unless you’re a lifestyle guru! I know that if I get the appropriate exercise my body is going to feel better and I know psychologically my mind is going to be better.

I saw a documentary once where it talks about the importance of moving and exercise. Our bodies are designed to move, we’re not meant to be sat down all day. We’re not designed to be lazy - so when we’re actually getting the appropriate exercise we’ll feel so much better physically but also psychologically.

If that’s you, then go running or make an exercise routine.



When I’ve got my day planned out and I know exactly what goals I want to achieve that day I feel so motivated. I’ve worked out that this is because when I’m planning my day in my head and writing it into my todo list app, I’m organising my brain. I feel less overwhelmed and feel like I have more room to breath and relax.

Maybe you’re like me, you have lots of things to do during your working day, you know you can achieve those things but you never do because you find yourself getting overwhelmed and procrastinating. Here’s a nugget of gold for you: Plan your day ahead of time.

When you plan your day I think it alleviates your anxiety and stress because you know what you’re doing. You have a sense of control. Plan out your day ahead of time and make sure that you stick to the time schedule as much as possible. I can almost guarantee your blood pressure or stress levels will decrease from doing this!



Taking More Breaks Something that I’m never good at is celebrating the achievements of what I’ve accomplished. A few weeks ago I hit over 40,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, and I was stoked. I felt so happy with that achievement - but I also felt so hungry to do more and bring more to the channel. I noticed that this hunger soon transformed into anxiety and before I knew it I questioned making content that I wanted to make on the channel - and I felt such a lack of motivation to make any videos. From there I understood that I really needed to look back on the past achievements and celebrate them, so me and Naomi went out and celebrated the YouTube milestone. We had a nice dinner out and talked about what we’ve achieved and the future ahead of us. We started dreaming of what the future could hold for us. This is what brought back my motivated to make more videos.

Celebrating is what will bring back your motivation! So go out and celebrate the small victories and dream ahead of the bigger victories!



I hope this has helped some of you! Self motivation is something that all can achieve but seldom do. Let me know what motivates you in your work. Also if you’re interested in learning more about what I do, signup for the email newsletter down below - I email once a month and don’t spam!

Will Paterson x