Hand Lettering And Logo Design Equipment

Staedtler Mars 502 Lead Pointer

The Mars Lead Pointer is the equivalent of a pencil sharpener for the 2mm Clutch Pencil. There is already some sort of a sharpener on top of the clutch pencil, but using this lead pointer will give you the sharpest point possible. If you’re a hand lettering artist or logo designer, it’s so important to be able to have a sharp point on the pencil.


Staedtler Mars Technico 2mm

The Mars Technico 2mm clutch pencil is what I and a lot of other professional hand letterers and artists use. It’s basically a mechanical pencil but with thicker lead. The “advance” on the pencil (The way the graphite retracts) is through gravity. You slide the graphite into the same end it comes out of. Then the “clutch” is a tripod clutch. The great thing about the Mars Technico is the fact you have what is a better mechanical pencil but cheaper. I’ve bought many more expensive mechanical pencils and they haven’t worked well for me. I always go back to this clutch pencil to get my sharp lines. I’ve got two of these clutch pencils because they are so cheap!


Staedtler Mars HB - 6B Graphite

When you buy the Mars Technico you’ll need to buy the graphite. When you research into buying the graphite you’ll find that it costs more than the pencil itself, but don’t worry about it! The pack of graphite comes with so many “sticks” that I’ve not run out yet - two years in! Much cheaper than a standard pencil. You can buy the graphite in different “weights” - HB being the go-to weight for me and many other people. So if you need a different weight in graphite you’ll be able to buy it no problem.


Staedtler Propelling Graphite Eraser

The Mars Plastic Eraser is a super effective eraser. The form factor is that of a pen so you’ll be able to carry it in your pocket, you’re also able to buy more eraser once it’s run out. I find that the eraser itself works really well, with no smudging.


Rotring 800+ Mechanical Pencil

The Rotring 800+ mechanical pencil is what I use when I’m not in the office or at home. I’ll normally use this pencil when I’m in a cafe or away from my other tools. This is an expensive but really well built mechanical pencil. It’s known as the 'God Father' of pencils, it's made of metal and is totally retractable so I can take it out with me. It’s holds a lot of extra graphite and the eraser on the end works well. The difference between the Rotring 800 and the Rotring 800+ is that the 800+ has a Touch Capacitive stylus on the end. This works well with any iPads or iPhones. It means you can draw (kind of) on your iPad.


Pentel Sign Pen Touch Fude

The Pentel Sign Pen is a Japanese “Fude” pen. This means that it’s a certain style of brush pen. It enables you to either do some brush calligraphy or draw in different weights.


Zebra Medium Brush Pen Fude

The Zebra Fude Pen line up is the same at the Pentel Sign Pen. The Zebra has a variety of different sizes and I prefer to use these for my classic brush calligraphy.


Straight Edge

If you’re going to draw then you’ll most likely need a ruler. I always suggest getting a metal ruler as this will last longer and won’t dent if you knock it. The ruler will help you grid your lettering in the composition stage.


Sakura Microns

The Sakura Micron is the industry standard of fine liner. These pens are used because they have a good a good “black” ink and they’re archival. This means the ink won’t fade. They have a very consistent flow so you don’t need to worry about your pen ruining your work during the inking stage.


Tombow Mono Zero 2.3mm Eraser

The Mono Zero is my most used eraser. The difference between this eraser and the Mars Plastic is that it’s small. This is great for the times when you’re needing to erase a very small detail of your lettering without damaging other elements of the artwork.


Moleskine Dotted Notebook Extra Large

I love Moleskine, they are the best brand of notebooks to ever exist. Maybe I’m just a fanboy but I genuinely believe these notebooks are the best, they're acid free and come in a variety of different sizes. The dotted notebook is great when conceptualising a logo type because you’re able to keep your lines structured, spaced and shaped when drawing. This helps when scanning your work for post editing.


Moleskine Large Sketchbook

Again, what’s not to love about Moleskine! As well as a dotted notebook, I always use a sketch book. The paper is amazing to draw on and it’s a great way of keeping track of your drawings. The form factor is good and it just feels great to use.


Uni Fineliners

Uni Fine Liners are a type of fine liner that a lot more people are starting to use as they are more readily available than the microns. I really like these fine liners, they draw really well and have great black ink. They are branded as “Future Proof” basically making them archival - they last a long time and sometimes I prefer to use them. There’s no reason as to why I sometimes prefer to use them over the microns other than I’m using a different pen. They are sometimes more comfortable to hold than the Sakura Microns.


I hope you enjoyed the full list of equipment that I use. All links are within this post so feel free to use them. If you would like to make a living as a logo designer then I’ve got the course for you available from June 2016! When you sign up to receive updates of the course you’ll be eligible for the Early Bird course price and you’ll also get a **FREE** $50 Brush Calligraphy Course emailed to you!