Beard Of Man Logo Design

I was commissioned to design a logo for Beard Of Man, a beard oil and male cosmetic company bringing premium male cosmetic products to the market. They focus mainly on selling beard oil. Here is the design process and choices I made when designing this logo.

Final Design | Full Typographic Logo

This is the final full logotype design for Beard Of Man. This design was made with heritage in mind, to show the audience that this company has a history and can be trusted. I chose the type choice to be masculine but not overbearing to the audience. This was achieved by only using slab serif, sans serif and display typefaces. The "Beard" section within the logo is a bespoke typeface unique to Beard Of Man.

Beard Of ManArtboard 1 copy 6Final Designs.jpg

Icon | Monogram Design

This monogram was made to solidify the brand through the use of a social media icon, favicon and logo icon. It shows masculinity and the premium nature of Beard Of Man. 

beard of manArtboard 1Final Preview.jpg

Full Colour Logotype

The full colour choice for Beard Of Man was decided upon a question: "What is a premium masculine colour?". We decided on this colour choice as well as an off white variant.


Logotype Mockups

Below is a series of images of mockups given to the client for preview during the design process. Using these mockups was important for this project as we needed to have the physical look of the logo on packaging and on paper to make a decision on whether the design will be functional enough

Mockup preview 1.jpg
Mockup preview 2.jpg