Mascon Leather Logo Design

This was one of my favourite logo design projects to work on. Mascon Leather is a leather accessories company. They sell all hand made leather accessories ranging from cup holders, wallets, Field Notes holders and many more! I was commissioned to rebrand Mascon Leather, taking their story of heritage and make their logo even better through my logo design process.

Final Design | Full Typographic Logo

This design is the full typographic logo design for Mascon Leather. Keeping with the vintage 1920's style. 

NewArtboard 1 copyprofile imaes.jpg

Different Compositions

Throughout the process I had to come up with different compositions for the full the logotype so the client could use a leather press (for pressing the logo on) in all shapes and sizes of leather products they could make.

NewArtboard 1profile imaes.jpg

Logo Icon

The icon for Mascon Leather was designed with a family story in mind. The client's father used to 


Logotype In Use

Below is a series of images of mockups given to the client for preview during the design process. Using these mockups was important for this project as we needed to have the physical look of the logo on packaging and on paper to make a decision on whether the design will be functional enough


The Design Process

Below is a document with some of the initial sketches of the Mascon Leather Logo Designs. In the red writing the client gave his feedback to these rough sketches. He was overall very pleased with the ideas. All that needed to be done was the vectorisation of the logotype and refinement.

mascon logos write up 8-9-2017.jpg