HAND LETTERING logo design course

Have you ever wanted to make a living as a Logo Designer? The Hand Lettering Logo Design Course is a series of videos that will take you from being a novice to professional. There is over 7 modules with hours of quality content that will be the catalyst of your career in logo design.


making a living with logo design

Many courses simply teach you how to use software and make a generic logo. In this course I'll not only cover how to get comfortable using the software, I'll also be teaching you how to make a living as a logo designer. This Includes an entire module of the course where I'll be sharing where to get your clients and how to market yourself as a logo designer.


Logo Design Theory

A lot of courses show you how to make a logo - in this course I'll show you how to design a logo without even using software. I'll teach you the fundamentals of designing a hand lettered logo design before even touching software.


Hand Lettering

This course is unique because you'll be learning how to design a logo with the use of hand lettering and calligraphy. You'll be able to use a brush pen and other tools to create typographic logo designs. 


Software Adobe illustrator

Using software can be overwhelming, so a dedicated module to this course is going to be about software. No matter what experience you have with Adobe Illustrator you'll learn how to get conformable in the platform. Here's some of the topics within this module. 

  • learning the pen tool

  • IMage trace

  • guides and gridding

  • exporting and saving

Available AUGUST 2016

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