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We would love to advertise you or your company on Creative Bar, we have an audience of over 29,000 that would love to hear about your new web service or product! 


The "Shoutout" is the sponsored section at the beginning and end of every Creative Bar video. This is where we tell the audience to head to your website or signup to your web service. If you provide a web service we can add a 20 second video section or motion graphics of your choice during this section. 

Video integrity

A great option for advertising on Creative Bar is to have the whole topic based around the theme of your company. This will drive more traffic to yourwebsite. Within the experience we've had, this is the most effective method of advertising. Obviously the Creative Bar episode will be created by me and the co-host, but you would have a big say in that episode you're advertised in. 

description box linking

The description box is a great place to place a link to your website or service. I put links in the description of every Creative Bar video that is made and we get great amounts of traffic to those links. Stats are available for a preview if you contact us using the form below.

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